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"Warplanes at Pearson airport"

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  • "Warplanes at Pearson airport"

    Warplanes at Pearson airport

    Military jets from several countries landing in T.O.

    Sun Media

    TORONTO -- Military jets from the U.S., Britain and other countries have been quietly touching down at Pearson airport for repairs or to "gas and go" as part of the global war on terror, authorities confirm.
    Two Royal Air Force Hercules transport planes -- one used in special operations -- were being serviced at Pearson this month along with a Swedish coast guard aircraft that was awaiting delivery, according to workers and, a site that logs flights at the airport.

    Everything passing threw is on its way to Neills AFB for Red Flag.

    Some ppl complain, I welcome it!

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    I have a KC-135 pilot friend at Bangor Me who gave me a heads up they were ferrying UK planes in. Noted a few UK Hercs were up there last weekend.

    I'll have to see if anything is coming in this weekend and maybe drive up, 3 hours one way though....

    They never come down here into Pease


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      Interesting, they apparently change the route patterns for these flight. Heard they used to stage through either Goose Bay or Frobisher before the final leg to Nellis.
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