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Apache Chopper - More than just a tank buster !

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  • Apache Chopper - More than just a tank buster !

    Daring Apache rescue attempt

    Dramatic pictures and video footage can now be seen of the daring rescue attempt of Lance Corporal Mathew Ford, carried out by Royal Marines on Apache helicopters in Afghanistan on Monday 15 January 2007.

    It was with great sadness that the Marines discovered Lance Corporal Mathew Ford, from 45 Commando Royal Marines, had been killed in action.

    His UK Task Force had attacked a major Taliban stronghold, Jugroom Fort, south of Garmsir in southern Helmand Province and met ferocious Taliban fire from all sides.

    Having fought for a period, the Marines regrouped. Discovering Lance Corporal Ford was missing, four marines flew back strapped to Apaches, to find their fallen comrade, in a unique rescue mission attempt.

    Link here :


    Very brave soldiers.

    I was amazed when I read the "This was an extremely hostile situation where our men were exposed to fire from 360 degrees." line..

    Hoorah to Royal marines..
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