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Cool IL-78 video

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  • Cool IL-78 video

    The sound of those engines is just stupendous! Though note the takeoff performance of it lol. Also includes three Jaguars.


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    Was an amazing day!

    Thanks for the heads up. My father in law shot the video (I managed to get a few stills, one of which made the JP DB). There were 6 jaguars in total, plus 2 IL 78s and 2 Il76 transports split into two flights. They were inbound from Lajes after completing the IAF's first overwater / transatlantic refueling.

    Their arrival came as a complete surpise to us, but we managed to catch the second flight of aircraft landing after hearing the unfamilliar Astra callsign.

    You are right about the noise level... when the taxiing shot was taken there were a number of a/c with the engines still turning, mixing intense noise with the smell of kerosene. Luckily YQX is fantastically laid out for spotting; if you time it right, as seen here, it is possible to get landing shots followed by taxiing/tarmac shots of the same aircraft.

    The 2 flights stayed in town for a few days before heading, in legs, for Alaska. A few weeks later we were quite lucky in being able to catch them again on the return leg of the journey. Hopefully one of these days they will transit through again, maybe with their new Sukhois