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Integrated, r/c 7.62 mm minigun for Osprey

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  • Integrated, r/c 7.62 mm minigun for Osprey

    SOURCE: Defense Update
    DATE: JAN 18, 2008

    SOCOM Funds a Defensive Weapon for the Osprey

    CV-22 tilt-rotor aircraft will soon receive an interim all-quadrant defensive weapon system based on the Remote Guardian System (RGS) unveiled by BAE Systems during the Modern Day Marine expo in 2007.

    The company will develop, test and qualify the system under a U.S. Special Operations Command $491,000 contract. Follow-on deliveries of RGS to the CV-22 fleet will follow, under a $16.3 million growth option.

    The belly-mounted remotely controlled weapon system will provide defensive fire protection to all quadrants of the aircraft throughout the flight envelope, particularly during landing approach and egress from a hot landing zone. Rings a bell somehow...

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    That is so cool, the Osprey just got a lot cooler than it already is.

    I'm excited to see the first firing testbed aircraft with this minigun installed on the belly.
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