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Free F-15E Strike Eagle for South Korean Air Force?

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  • Free F-15E Strike Eagle for South Korean Air Force?

    Nothing better for business than to enter negotiations with a gift (Danaers, anyone?), but glad to hear nobody over there at Boeing confused SK with NK or "Royal" with "Republic (of)"... R.

    SOURCE: Armed Forces International
    DATE: "Recently", retrieved JAN 22, 2008

    Free F-15E Strike Eagle for South Korean Air Force?

    It is understood that the US manufacturer Boeing recently offered the South Korean air force a single example of its F-15 military combat jet.

    The gift, according to a source within the military, would seem to act as a replacement for a South Korean F-15 which crashed in 2006. In the incident, the aircraft came down off the coast of Pohang, with the resultant loss of life of both pilots.

    Boeing’s proposal broadly coincided with the announcement by South Korea that it intended to acquire around 60 new fighters by 2019. Possible contenders could be the US-built F-22 Raptor, or the F-35 Lightning II/ Joint Strike Fighter.

    It also came as the USAF imposed a fleet-wide grounding on its own F-15s – a measure that has since been updated to cover a number of the F-15C pure fighter variants.

    The spokesperson detailed how: “A senior Boeing official proposed to provide South Korea with an additional F-15 fighter jet as we were engaging in negotiations for the purchase of 20 more F-15 fighters.”

    To date, the Republic of Korea Air Force (Don, NOTE he/she didnt say "Royal" though its RKAF R.) - to give it its proper title - has acquired 30 examples of the F-15E Strike Eagle. By the end of the year, it is scheduled to have bought nine more, while negotiations are presently ongoing for the acquisition of 20 further F-15Es.

    "Boeing might have made the proposal to express their thanks to the South Korean government for its decision to purchase 20 more F-15 fighters," the source suggested, adding: "The South Korean government may make a decision on the proposal late this month when the negotiations for the purchase of engines are to be concluded."

    Ten days ago, the USAF Air Combat Command's head, General John D.W Corley, commented that the structural issues connected to the USAF F-15 groundings constituted a “crisis”.
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