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  • Progress turns 30

    Seems like yesterday, time is flying... Incidentally it has 111 missions o its back, in Germany called a "Schnapszahl", a nice "Vodka Number" then, calling for celebration... . Happy Birthday, Progress! R.

    SOURCE: Russia Today
    DATE: JAN 20, 2008

    Russian space ‘work horse’ turns 30

    It’s been thirty years since the Soviet Union celebrated the launch into space of the first Progress spacecraft. The cargo rocket has performed over 100 missions, and is still used today to take fuel and other supplies to the International Space Station.

    Since 1978, there have been 111 launches of different versions of the Progress spacecraft and all were incident-free.

    The design of the Progress was based on the Soyuz spacecraft, which took Soviet cosmonauts into orbit. But the Soyuz model could no longer accommodate all the supplies and people needed for longer missions, so detrimental to space research.

    Its current dry cargo capacity is 1,800 kilogrammes.

    The 112th mission of ‘Progress-63M’ is scheduled for February, 5. Rings a bell somehow...

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    Progress M-61 spacecraft will fall in Pacific "Space Cemetry"

    SOURCE: RIA Novosti
    DATE: JAN 21, 2008

    Progress spacecraft will sink in Pacific

    MOSCOW - The Progress M-61 cargo spacecraft, which undocked from the International Space Station last year, will crash into the Pacific on Tuesday evening, a Mission Control center spokesman said on Monday.

    The spokesman told RIA Novosti that the parts of the craft that do not burn up in the atmosphere will sink in a "spacecraft cemetery" at 40° longitude in the Pacific.

    The so called spaceship cemetery is located not far from Christmas Island and is a designated area where many spacecraft, including the defunct Mir station, have ended up.

    The Progress M-61 cargo spacecraft, which was detached from the ISS on December 22, 2007, was used as a platform for technical experiments, mission control said. Rings a bell somehow...


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      After all is said and done, Russian space craft have preformed very well. They stepped into the void left by the Space Shuttles problems.

      The current version of the Space Shuttle has not lived up to the programs original goals but considering many of those goals were unrealistic given the technology of the day.

      The Russian and the Ariane rockets have proven themselves as dependable supply and in the case of the Russian's crew carrying ships.
      Standard practice for managers around the world:
      Ready - Fire - Aim! DAMN! Missed again!