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  • Friendly Fire... :)

    Rarely is friendly fire welcome, but I guess in this case... Actually, I had somehow assumed supplies being delivered by more traditional means over there, but, theres something to learn every day... R.

    SOURCE: Air Force Times
    DATE: JAN 17, 2008

    80,000 pounds of food, water airdropped

    The Air Force parachuted bundles of food and water — totaling nearly 80,000 pounds — over snowy mountainous reaches of eastern Afghanistan on Monday.

    Deployed troops on the ground received the precision airdrops, which were pushed out the back of a C-17 Globemaster, according to an Air Force press release. They’ll share the supplies with Afghans in remote areas where hazardous mountain terrain restricts their ability to travel and obtain food.

    The airdrop was coordinated by the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, which includes members of the 17th Airlift Squadron based at Charleston Air Force Base, S.C.

    “I think the best way we can do [bring democracy] — and show them what America is about — is to support them and give them the supplies they need," said 1st Lt. Joe Purcell, a pilot with the 816th, in the release. “We're not here to occupy their country. We're here to help them rebuild.” Rings a bell somehow...