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German Army receives first of 80 Tigers

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  • German Army receives first of 80 Tigers

    First time I see strategy page having something really wrong:

    Germany received the first Tigers for training in 2005, and also employs not the HAD version but the UHT one (with the sight on the mast). Also all the specs cited are the French version (HAD indeed), UHT has no 30mm cannon and is armed with Stingers (not Mistral) and TRIGAT. Take this with a grain of salt, though, maybe Germany changed the order? Or the article mistakenly refers to Germany while wanted to report a delivery to France? Someone can confirm? R.

    SOURCE: Strategy Page
    DATE: JAN 22, 2008

    Tiger Stalks Apache

    The German Army has received the first of 80 Tiger HAD helicopter gunships. The Tiger slowly entered service five years ago. The HAD version has 14 percent more engine power and better protection from ground fire. While earlier versions were mainly for anti-vehicle work, the HAD model is more like the current U.S. AH-64 Apache, and optimized for ground support. Development of Tiger began in 1987, before the Cold War ended. So the anti-tank aspect took a while to disappear. The Tiger costs about as much as the AH-64 (about $45 million each).

    The six ton Tiger has a crew of two and a max speed of 280 kilometers an hour. It cruises at 230 kilometers an hour, usually stays in the air about three hours per sortie. It is armed with a 30mm automatic cannon, 70mm rocket pods (19 rockets per pod) and various types of air-to-ground missiles (eight Hellfire types at once). It can also carry four Mistral anti-aircraft missiles.

    France has bought 80 Tigers, Spain 24 and Australia 22. The eight ton AH-64 has been in service for 25 years, and nearly 1,100 have been built so far. Rings a bell somehow...