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Some unusual Herk story from distant GHANA

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  • Some unusual Herk story from distant GHANA

    Ghana is currently hosting the 2008 edition of the African Soccer Nations Cup
    For info
    Ghana and Ivory Coast qualifyed to semi-finals by defeating Nigeria and litterally crushing Guinea respectively. Slatted to compete for the two other semi finals tickets this evening are Egypt vs Angola and Tunisia vs Cameroon.

    Repeat indigestion reportedly plagged the Cameroonian delegation since their transfer from Kumasi to Tamalé. The president came to the point of missioning one of the local airforce's Herkie to deliver a consignment of food from Yaoundé to Tamalé/Northern Ghana ! Some team members together with German born coach Otto Pfister came to the point of starving instead of consuming the food provided by the hotel ... Shephearded during a short meeting improvised by the minister of Sport, legend Roger Milla, now an embassador at large, M. Heck, mission chargé by the presidential office and Mrs Barre, deputy quartermaster of the presidential palace, news of a transfer of food straight from Yaoundé was underway. Mr Heck sized the opportunity to recall President Biya and wife Chantal genuinely monitor the Indomitable Lion's performences ...
    So 4 striper Cdt Eloundou and his crew set on their ways with one of the C.130H30s last Saturday from Yaoundé to Tamalé with an enroute stop at Accra to let the Ghanean Food & Sanitation Administration to check the load and grant the clearence. Together with packs of Tangui, Cameroon's mineral water, the consignment ranged from fresh/smocked fish, beef, chicken, green vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, aromatized rice, kitchen pasta, yams, plantain bananas, cassavo roots, to aromatic substances, onions and salt.
    In addition to food, the Herk also airlifted two gas stoves (but no gas canisters due to safety reasons put forward by the pilots), two freezers and a fridge together with a small platoon of kitchen personnel (one guy, two ladies). Under the watch of Ghanean military personnel, and the supervision of the Hercules' crew, the load was accomodated on a 18 wheeler which delivered the goods at the delegation's hotel afterwards.

    Complete story in French and pic of the Herk meeting the 18 wheeler on Tamalé's apron (sorry for the lack of quality)
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    Great News! We need Eto´o back in shape here urgently, and cannot have him starving! All Barca fans will hail the crew

    Rattler Rings a bell somehow...