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Original RAF member Still Kicking at 112

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  • Original RAF member Still Kicking at 112

    This guy is awesome! My next beer's for you, Mr. Allingham.

    Not only is Mr. Allingham the oldest man in Europe (and one of the 20 oldest people in the world), he also has an impressive military resume.

    Allingham joined the Royal Naval Air Service during World War I, but only after he mother died--she was against his plans to enlist. As a crew member on a flimsy seaplane, he witnessed the Battle of Jutland in 1916. Mr. Allingham is the last survivor of that epic sea engagement; even today, he remembers watching large shells from the opposing battle lines "skip across the water."

    Rated as a rigger and mechanic, Allingham later retrived downed aircraft on the battlefields of France, where he was bombed and shelled. When the Navy's Flying Service and the Army's aerial arm merged in 1918, Mr. Allingham became a founding member of the Royal Air Force. As you might have guessed, Allingham is last surviving member of the RAF's inital cadre.

    After the war, Mr. Allingham took a job at Ford, staying there until retirement. During World War II, he worled on several defense projects, including counter-measuers for German magnetic mines. Allingham outlived his wife (who died in 1970), and his two daughters, who lived into their 80s. Today, most of his family lives in the United States, but they still return to Britain every June for his birthday.
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