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F-18 crashes into San Diego neighborhood

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    Originally posted by Dmmoore View Post
    I have had to make emergency landings twice in the last 42 years.

    In one case I had a choice of where to park the bird. A nice stretch of unfinished freeway proved to be the best choice. Having altitude gave me several options. As altitude decreased, so did the options.

    In the other, the event occurred at 100 feet, the only choice was to park it straight ahead. Fortunately the 4000 foot runway I was taking off from was almost long enough to let me do it. I came to a stop in the overrun with no airframe damage.

    Second guessing the pilot is not something I care to engage. The pilot made a choice and went with it. Only he knows what other choices were available.

    The military will conduct an investigation. The outcome will determine if the pilot had other choices that could have led to a better outcome.
    Well said sir.

    IMHO, this is a tragedy on all sides. It a life changing event for everyone involved. My thought and prayers go to the family and the pilot.


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      More Info

      Originally posted by phoneman View Post
      Kinda strange both engines would fail at almost the same time. Birdstrike maybe?

      The aircraft was conducting landing practice on a carrier off the coast. When one of the two engines failed, pilot was directed to land ashore rather than attempt a single engine landing on the ship. Enroute to the shore base, the other engine failed and the pilot was forced to eject.


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        deferred maintenance

        Maintenance rules don't require immediate repairs for the problem, he said, but the squadron flew the jet 146 times before it eventually crashed because its left engine was starved for fuel.


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          Latest news....



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            I finally saw there were two threads open and merged them.

            The report points out several issues with which the Marines are dealing. Some of the issues affecting the pilots decision to proceed to Mira Mar vs North Island are still open.
            Standard practice for managers around the world:
            Ready - Fire - Aim! DAMN! Missed again!


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              ATC Transcripts of the mishap acft (time-compressed):


              The (Rt) engine failure combined with a "problem" with the other (Lt) engine [a known maintenance problem], combined with low cloud-deck WX combined with exceptionally bad decision to by-pass Coronado [over-water approach]... etc is just mind numbing. The FAA controllers were practically begging him to divert to Coronado.

              All this just makes me want to scream...


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                Originally posted by Leftseat86 View Post
                Did anyone get a settlement out of PSA182?
                Yes, a number of families did in a number of trials that went to court. Gary Aguirre spearheaded one of the biggest suits but a number of separate suits ran into the early 80s.