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F-22 Funds approved, barely.....

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  • F-22 Funds approved, barely.....

    DOD News

    It hasn't flown in combat yet, but the F-22 stealth fighter prevailed in a life-or-death battle in an early-morning vote June 17 by the House Armed Services Committee.

    After more than 16 hours of squabbling over the 2010 defense budget, weary committee members voted 31-30 at 2:30 a.m. to keep the F-22 program alive by making a $369 million down payment on 12 more planes.

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    Just because the committee approved the spending; I don't think necessarily guarantees that the funding will be made available.

    I hope we keep the F-22 in production for quite some time. I think the force of F-22's that we have in service now is too small.

    Gates rails against more money for F-22


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      The F22s will be flying the North Korea missions soon thanks to North Korean provocation.


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        Interesting article on the F-22. Looks like a former engineer is taking on Lockheed over design problems with F-22's stealth materials.