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Apollo 13, 40 Years Ago

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  • Apollo 13, 40 Years Ago

    So, Apollo 11 happened 40 years ago to this date. This day was one of the biggest days in history, meaning that space exploration had just gone to the next level.

    The courageous efforts of NASA and the astronauts made this possible. From the mishaps of Apollo 1 and 13, they learned and made the next missions a success. This success has made a new era of space exploration and expanding space for mankind as we know it.

    We now currently have 13 men and women (two from Canada! ) in space. Our current explorations are expected to take us to the moon again in 2020, about 50 years after man first stepped our onto Lunar ground.

    I don`t expect you to watch this whole thing, but NASA TV on Youtube has a pretty interesting video on Apollo 11.


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    Originally posted by C-FMWQ View Post
    So, Apollo 13 happened 40 years ago to this date.
    You mean Apollo 11.
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      SH!T, I guess I shouldn't have watched Apollo 13 before posting this .

      Thanks Nehal