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Airshow videos: EF-18, B-747, B-52, MIRAGE 2000, Mi-24

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  • Airshow videos: EF-18, B-747, B-52, MIRAGE 2000, Mi-24

    Here are some of my latest videos:

    -The Spanish Air Force Solo Display Team from Ala 12 plus one tactical transport C-295 from Ala 35 took part in the Royal International Air Tattoo 2009. The following video is a summary of the Spanish participation in this fantastic Air Show, including the full low show of the EF-18M.

    -The Armee de'l Air (French Air Force) Mirage 2000 Solo
    Display Team was disbanded this year, being replaced by the
    Rafale Team. There is no doubt, that the Mirage 2000 display
    has been one of the best and most spectacular demos through
    the years, and it will be missed. This video is my personal
    -A very interesting display carried out by a Boeing 747-400
    of OasishOngKong, the goal of the participation of the 747s
    in airshows through UK in the summer of 2007 was the
    promotion this low cost company.
    -USAF B-52H display at U.K.
    -This video shows a display carried by a Mil Mi-24 Hind
    Attack Helicopter.
    -Video about the display carried out by the F-16C Viper West
    Coast Demo Team at San Francisco Fleet week Air Show (2007).

    These videos can be seen here:

    I hope you find them interesting
    Videos and DVDs about Military Aviation and Airshows