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  • Forgotten classics ...

    I thought it might be interesting to reminisce about the military aircraft of yesteryear that, perhaps, never got the coverage or the infamy deserving of their often unique designs.

    The Gloster Javelin :

    The Handley-Page Victor -

    The DeHaviland Sea Vixen :

    Sea Venom :

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    Good selections. I would have added the Buccaneer. The Javelin is little known today and yet has an interesting history in uncovering the mysteries of the deep stall (or superstall) in the 1950s. The information about this phenomenon, despite several Javelin crashes, was not passed onto the civil side of the UK manufacturing business, leading to further tragic fatal losses when T-tail airliners were built and then lost due to deep stalls.

    For some balance, I would mention some less famous American jet classics, eg. the F-101, the F-102, the A-5, the F-8 and the B-47.