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Mosquito Vs Zerstorer

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    Would a good fighter need protection? Only if it had an Achilles bigger than a bread box. Ability to accelerate and climb has no bearing on fighting ability? Sure, I'd love to go a few rounds in the ring but well, tie one arm behind ..

    And the category was f/b not fighter. Geez you had me feeling all guilty about the 38 and now I don't feel so bad.
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      Originally posted by guamainiac View Post
      Who cares what Jane's says (because my copy got destroyed), but when you mention one aircraft it makes you think of another and this happens anytime you pigeon hole something. Wike (the source of course), does have a list of comparable aircraft and the bf, P-38 and mosquito are all listed along with a host of others and the weight, power and payload swing wildly. They toss in the Gloster 9/37, DH Hornet, P-38, Marauder and a bunch others.

      Pandora's Box of Fighting Airplanes

      Just on the ability of "getting out of Dodge City", based on climb, speed and altitude if I had a choice of what to be flying it sounds the the Lightning. One of the reasons that the kits to improve roll didn't reach the ETO was because one of the RAF jockeys shot down the shipment. Ooooops.
      - Yeah, wasn't going to mention the fact that the shipment was shot down...One of those things. The P-38 was used as a PR aircraft aswell, this shows a definate ability...unfortuneately many WERE shot down, losing us some awesome pilots in the process. Generally, the P-38 was dissapointing in the European theatre, it made a bigger impact in the pacific.
      Yes, a good fighter DOES sometimes need protection, if it is a specific fighter not general. Take the F-35 for example, in the same situation would also need protection in take-off and landings in STOVL or STOL configuration....very slow and just sits ones saying that is a negative. The 262 was ONLY slow in this situation....once wound up, the fear of "flame-out" reduces considerably and she flys like a bat out of hell! Leaving your Dornier and P-38 wondering where the f*ck she just went! She could accelerate and climb....just not straight off from take-off....very tempremental at slow speeds, just like any REAL thoughrobred! (SP?)
      Don't feel guilty about the P-38, it was a bold design, that the people stuck with for good reason, more a reflection of the early days of US design and experience with new designs - Plus it too struggled with a decent in-line engine! Ha! I feel the bullets already whizzing past my ears!


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        What is the point about the bad picture you paint of the Bf110. It was a great plane up to the end of the war. Engaging the RAF bombers in the early years of the war it scored quite a lot of kills and even when used in a completely wrong fashion during the BoB Zerstörers did have a better kill to loss ration than the Bf109. Later in the war it turned out to be a very decent night fighter as well.

        The Mossie btw. is closer to the Ju-88 in operational reality than to the Bf110.
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          Well, the Bf110 was certainly a great aircraft but not for the role it was built for at first.

          During the battles of Poland and France it was ok due to the lack of good enemy fighters. But against the RAF Hurricanes and Spitfires, rather than protecting the bombers under escort, the Bf 110C formations usually found that they were hard put to defend themselves.
          They stopped using them as escort fighter against western aircraft as early as 1941, even if they were still used for that role in the east way into 1944.

          I would be interested to see an article about the better kill to loss ratio than the Bf109, because their use against american day bomber is described as a big failure, due to escort P-47s and poor day fighting training by the night fighters crew.

          One thing is sure is that the Bf110 proved to be a great plane for many role, the best being probably its night fighter duty.



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            I remember an long discussion over at tanknet, where all the data had been collected. It showed that the Zerstörer units in the BoB did suprisingly achieve better ratios than the Bf109. When allowed to do "freie jagd" instead of "begleitschutz" they were quite dangerous.

            When facing modern single engine fighters the Zerstörer was doomed. (But the the orignal requirement was for a bomber Zerstörer, which it did quite good till the escort fighters got the range to follow the bombers to their targets)
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            My Nikon D100,D200,D300, D800, D7200 basic spotting settings guide
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