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  • North Korea Air Force

    A few interesting infos about a rather secret air force....

    Il-28s, Mig-15s, Mig-21s.....


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    Reminds me of a good youtube clip..... wait here she is

    One of the remarks at youtube!

    IMDB trivia for film:

    -Half of DPRK jet fuel reserves were used in shooting this film and half the nation's food was used for catering for cast and crew

    -The video footage was shot in hi-def quality for North Korean standards

    -A video game based on the film is in the works, but unlike the American version, it will be first available in 2014 for thier 4-bit consoles

    -Enemy F-5 fighters were acutually "Mig-28s"

    -The "alert 5" aircraft had to be re-scripted to "alert 2" due to lack of spares
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      Great video, but the big question is, how able is the DPRK to refuel all of these aircraft, or at least those that can actually be flown. It's all very well the pilots being aggressive SOBs, but if they don't have the planes to fly (or if they're MiG-19/21/23s facing RoKAF F-15s and F-16s, among others) or can't refuel them, then it's academic.

      I'm reading a fascinating (and frankly rather frightening) book about the DPRK at the moment by a lady called Barbara Demick, called "Nothing to Envy"; a fascinating read about the real North Korea.

      I think things have changed on the Korean peninsula in two respects:
      (a) South Korea is no longer willing to soothe and pacify North Korea; the south's president has made this clear;
      (b) China is known to want a united Korea and would prefer it to be under Seoul's control, so the question really boils down to:
      how long can the North hold out? Does it go out with a whimper or a bang?


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        Mig 28? Que?

        The North's airforce is largely outdated, short on fuel supplies, training, modern weaponry, and the force multipliers (AWACS, jammers, Link 16) that make the South and their allies a credible opposition.

        I don't doubt their loyalty and gumption, just everything else.