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Another RAF Fairwell

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  • Another RAF Fairwell

    With VC10s decreasing, and the Harriers gone there are more aircraft no longer to been seen with the RAF

    The Dominies out of service in the last couple of weeks.

    And now we are completely losing the Nimrod. The MR4s have been cancelled, even with two completed. This week they have started to be scrapped at BAe Woodford.

    Sad Days

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    That is sad indeed. The MRA4 was to replace the Nimrod, correct? What are they going to use to replace it now?


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      They'll replace it with a work experience schoolkid with a pair of binoculars standing on top of the White Cliffs of Dover !
      That should keep the country safe from harm.
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        I have work experience at the end of April, I could do it!!!

        Although only for the Isle of Man!!


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          personally i would like the harriers to have stayed, surely their excellent service in all theatres would have put them ahead of the tornado fleet....
          we should have kept the sea harrier as well and kept a decent capable air fleet until the F35 arrives.....

          But there you go... the old labour government have a lot to answer!!!


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            The Nimrods are being replaced with EC or RC-135Rs.


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              Originally posted by wktaylor View Post
              The Nimrods are being replaced with EC or RC-135Rs.
              No. Only the elint versions of the Nimrod (the R.1) are being replaced by RC-135s. Only two R.1s remain flying (until March 2011). 3 RC-135s are being acquired, which, though obviously undergoing a major upgrade, will actually be older than the Nimrods !

              The more common maritime patrol and intelligence gathering airframes (the MR.2s) have been retired and are not being replaced directly now that the new MRA.4 is canceled. This requirement will be met by a combination of existing assets, such as they are (UAV, Sentinel, C-130, helicopter), and some French and US support.

              (By the way, is it not "Farewell" ?)


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                Originally posted by HalcyonDays View Post
                (By the way, is it not "Farewell" ?)
                Yeah, sorry about that.
                I posted the thread but then thought, hang on.
                It has been niggling me each time I've seen it since



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                  Wow, and the KC-135s are still going strong.
                  August 29th will be the worst day of the year.