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Strike Eagle crash Libya

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  • Strike Eagle crash Libya

    10.23 US military has confirmed that a US fighter jet has crashed in Libya. A spokesman said that one crewman had been recovered and one was "in process of recovery".The Telegraph's Rob Crilly broke the story this morning that an F-15E jet had crash landed in a field last night.
    “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”


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    Both crew where airlifted to safety.
    Spain has joined in the noflyzone flight crew, Sweden is still waiting.
    "The real CEO of the 787 project is named Potemkin"


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      Video at

      Two US airmen have been rescued after ejecting from their F-15E Eagle warplane just before it crashed during allied operations in eastern Libya.
      The plane appeared to suffer mechanical failure near the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, the US military said.
      There are reports six villagers were shot and hurt in the US rescue effort.
      The jet came down after a third night of US-led coalition attacks on Col Gaddafi's forces, aimed at enforcing a UN resolution to protect civilians.
      Late on Tuesday, renewed explosions and anti-aircraft fire were heard in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.
      'Don't be scared' The US military would not give the exact location the F-15E Eagle came down, but said both crewmen suffered only minor injuries after ejecting.
      Continue reading the main story At the scene

      Allan Little BBC News, at the site of a coalition strike in Tripoli

      You can see from the size of this massive crater the force with which the missile struck. It happened at about nine o'clock last night. It was the first of the big blasts, the big explosions that we heard early on in those first air raids.
      And it's only one of three craters that we found in this vicinity. The other two are slightly smaller. But they've had the effect of destroying this marine workshop or warehouse. It's clearly a military location, there's absolutely no disputing that.
      Further down, there are missile transporters and missiles themselves, missiles used by the Libyan navy. The government insists that many civilians have been killed and many more injured in the past three nights. Everybody here agrees this place was deserted last night and nobody was killed or injured here. We've repeatedly asked them to show us evidence to support their contention that civilians have been killed and injured but so far they've been unable to do so.
      The Libyans argue of course that this is part of an imperialist Western plot, it has nothing to do with the protection of civilians and everything to do with plundering Libya's oil.

      The aircraft was based in England and was operating out of Aviano in Italy. It was on a mission against a Gaddafi missile site, the Pentagon said.
      One Libyan who came across the crashed jet told Britain's Daily Telegraph that one pilot held his hands in the air and said "OK, OK", but was quickly thanked by locals for his participation in the air strikes.
      Younis Amruni told the Telegraph: "I hugged him and said 'don't be scared, we are your friends'."
      A reporter for Britain's Channel 4 said six villagers were shot and injured as a US helicopter attempted to rescue the crew. She said one man expected his young son to lose a leg due to a bullet wound but that the locals did not appear resentful over the shootings.
      A spokeswoman for US Africa Command said it was "trying to ascertain the facts".
      The crash followed renewed allied air strikes over Monday night.
      Libyan state television reported that Tripoli was "under crusader enemy aerial bombardment" and that several sites had been attacked.
      The Libyan authorities said a naval base at Bussetta, about 10km (six miles) east of Tripoli, and a fishing village had also been hit.
      Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said Monday's air and missile strikes had caused "numerous" civilian casualties, especially at the "civilian airport" in Sirte.


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        Two more crew saved thanks to the ACES-II ejection seat - arguably the best seat in the world .
        Why DOD did not select this seat for the F-35 is a mystery (actually it's not - its politics - but that is another story) .