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F/A-18 Landing at LAX?

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  • F/A-18 Landing at LAX?

    any idea what they are doing there? today i was under the 24R approach then my friend pointed at the sky and was like what is that man? looked up and there it was, on short final. this happened today, at around 1:50pm, and from what i heard a "jet fighter" also landed on the same runway around the same time yesterday. i might have mistaken it for a F-15, but i am sure its a F/A-18 super hornet

    yes i am a boeing fan, and i know thats a airbus, haha

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    Maybe Northrop (factory nearby) has a captive test F-18 they fly (they build most of the structure).

    I've seen C-5 and C-17 aircraft at LAX (they often pick up items from nearby manufactures such as space satellites) or when they accompany AF-One. The USAF has two C-5A(SCM) aircraft with modified interiors to transport large satellites.

    I understand NASA astronauts occasionally fly their T-38s into LAX and park at the gates in the NW area of LAX.

    I also saw a B-1A at LAX in the 70s (North American Aviation/Rockwell had a factory there)