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Disappointment and humor at the 2011 Miramar Air Show in San Diego

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  • Disappointment and humor at the 2011 Miramar Air Show in San Diego

    So the wait is finally over, October has come and that means the Miramar Air Show here in San Diego, CA. It is the centennial of Naval Aviation, the 100th anniversary.

    The Navy has decorated one of its F-18 Super Hornets into a color scheme to reflect it, here it is:

    And that was last year's airshow. But last year was the 99th anniversary, but this year is the actually 100th year and...the airplane is not here!

    I just thought it was a little funny that I should share with you guys. Anyone spotted this plane lately?

    btw the airshow was great and there were plenty of F-18s and Ospreys on static display.


    Remember on your hardest days, that the airplanes always take off against the wind... afterwards, the skies are all yours.

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    What is odd is that the tail has the state designator for what is usually on the air guard units.

    That looks like an NJ on the tail but what Naval units would have been in New Jersey is anything active at Lakehurst? But I thought that was decommissioned a few years back?

    Ooooops that was the designator for planes out of NAS Lemore ..
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