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US Army Apache Serial Numbers

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  • US Army Apache Serial Numbers

    I can't find any reference to this particular bird in any of the on-line databases I am used to using.

    The tail reads 95635 and no other markings, unit, division, etc.

    Can someone help? Looks like a new or refurbished AH-64D but I am not certain .. .here are two pictures

    Thank you!

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    it looks to me like an A version


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      Ok thanks... so what's the full regi and line/construction number?


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        Based on serial number assignments through FY 2008, I would venture a guess that this is 09-05635, C/N PVD635, and is an AH-64D which has been converted from an older airframe. However, I can't find much FY 2009 data in the usual places, so I can't confirm that.
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          Thanks John! I tried very hard too in the places I know to look and similarly struck out. Perhaps next time I will have more thought and take a picture of the production plate(s)

          I usually do but this time I did not have much time or access to the aircraft as they were preparing it for departure.