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Stratolaunch choice of mothership?

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  • Stratolaunch choice of mothership?

    Since it was announced that Stratolaunch is Paul Allen and Burt Rutans latest project.
    PA was wise enough to avoid the Virgin Galactic project, now 77 flights with the mothership, 16 glideflights with the rocketship and 8 testburns in a testbench for the rocketengine (the biggest problem so far, after the death of 3 employees in a refueling accident), after 3 years of testing. I assume according to FAA rules that the mothership has to be certified within 5 years, which gives them 2 more years to comply with chapter 25?
    They have chosen the Boeing 747-400 for parts (engines and one of the two bodies of the
    aircraft) but rebuilt it into a highwing configuration.
    I personally would´ve prefered the An-124 since its already a highwing aircraft and
    the company has experience with the 6 engine configuration on the An-225.
    But Im not Paul Allen, nor have his money.
    "The real CEO of the 787 project is named Potemkin"