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Acts of stupidity (NOT political!)

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  • Acts of stupidity (NOT political!)

    Well, I guess it's sad to have to write 'NOT political on this topic in hopes more ppl respong, cuz I'm full of stupidity, and I'm sure many of us are as well.

    I'll start off..

    March 26, 2003

    I'm on my little kick scooter with my friend (lets call him Bob). So we're going all around our neighbourhood, at minimal speeds. Then suddenly, Bob's sister shows up walking the dog on a leash. Now my friedn, sick of scootering around with no real downhill track for fun, decides to put the leash onto his scooter's steering rod. The dog starts running slowly..and he has a nice time.

    Some thing about this dog: It is not the most intelligent one in the world. If he sees Bob run, he will hunt down Bob like anything, running as fast as he can.

    I get my chance. I put the handle of the lease over my handle bar..and stand up...and the dog starts trotting forward. Nice, and jovial...until Bob, the moron, decides to run home as fast as we can. I was being pulled on the actual road at the time. Bob runs starts running like hell. I struggle to keep balance...but regain it.

    Then Bob jumps on a kerb. The dog decides to follow, and I'm still stuck to the dog...

    OPTIONS: take a nice flip as my scooter hits the kerb. Or bail the scooter.

    I bailed. Jumping off the stupid thing, to hear a THUNK! as my scooter becomes airborne for a few moments. I rolled around in the middle of the street until I was in the middle of the road. My scooter ha aparently done a front flip and and half- it landed upsie down, on the grass 10 feet away from me. THe dog- the dog went off spot-free.

    So Moral of the story:
    DO NOT hitch rides with dogs.
    DO NOT hitch rides with dumb dogs.
    DO NOT hitch rides with a dog that will run like hell if something is in front of it.

    Waiting to see your stupid side

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    1) Do not hitch rides with dogs.
    Ans: Correct.

    2) Do not hitch rides with dumb dogs.
    Ans: Correct.

    3) Do not hitch rides with a dog that will run like hell if something is in front of it.
    Ans: Almost all dogs will run like hell if there is something in front of them .
    "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

    -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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      Well, of course I will never admit that stupid things happen to me, too .

      I have no kick scooter, no dog, and no friend called Bob. so I am quite well off .



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        Well Peter,

        You are better off than me. I don't ahve a dog either. My friend's dog catapulted me. (Aparently, after that, the dog was given doggie treats, and i got one bandaid for my three wounds)


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          Aren't dogs supposed to be called 'men's best friends'?



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            They are supposed to be 'MAN's' best friend. Not Men. Meaning the dog follows one guy. And I'm not it.

            So uits my worst enmy! My cuts have now clotted! One's kinda pussing though...I'm a little concerned about that one.
            The dog got its tail stuck on the car door this morining though! It whimpered and went away....showed up like 3 hrs later...and slept. But the dog sleeping is a different story!


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              Sorry for my spelling mistake, I actually meant MAN's, but my fingers somehow translated this into MEN's. I am usually typing at three times the speed of sound .



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                My sister types around that speed as well. Infact, she often hides behind a wall and types with our new keyboard to prevent looking away from her work!


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                  My 'wall' is my window from which I can see the planes landing at Zurich airport, and that distracts now and then . Nice to look away from work to see a nice plane, but then again, hey, this is not work, it is fun!