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  • Advice for an unusual situation

    Recently I was made aware of an Instagram account which took images from my Jetphotos account and posted them up as their own, however as standard as this sounds (we all know pictures get stolen from time to time), the account that is using the images is doing it under my name with details on there such as my age and the city I live (creepy I know),

    Regardless I put a complaint into Instagram which was rejected as my personal account which doesn't feature any plane spotting (as I don't do anything like that on Instagram) doesn't line up with the fake. I also messaged the account with obviously with no success, so I was wondering If anyone else in the Jetphotos or aviation community have had issues like this in the past and had any ideas how to go about it?

    Kind Regards,
    The real Jordan Williams

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    Since I am here on this platform, so, since more than 11 years, I have seen that all jetphotos wear a watermark. I have not yet regarded the example which you uploaded, but that in my eyes is something like a border in the internet which nobody should cross. Imagine that, when I was new here on this platform in 2008, back then jetphotos members existed who sold their jetphotos!

    So, that's not a bagatelle. What would I do if I were in your place. Kick instagram in the a** and leave them alone?
    I even know why that's not always easy. Insta contacts which you abort when you leave. But Instagram has kicked you in the ass. I would definitely kick back!

    See, in this very moment you achieved +1 jetphotos contact.

    PS: Your signature seems to contain at least 1 error, like.. an erroneous picture, a rejected picture, or, rather easy to remove, a typo? I've never been a big fan of huge signatures, obviously. But if you like to carry such a huge thing with you, that should at least technically be in perfect condition. A standard which I do not only set for signatures or avatars, but also for the aircraft which stands behind an avatar.
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    That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
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      Hey, I managed to resolve it in the end with Insta via a direct message to the real person once I worked out who they were by doing some digging, but nonetheless great advice!

      Also I have noticed something going on with my banner, ill try see if I can fix it today and if not ill probably end up removing it

      Thanks for your help!
      Kind Regards,