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are these aviation related gay stories true?

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  • are these aviation related gay stories true?

    Story 1.

    The passenger must have been in Bahrain beacuse TG's return leg that stopped at Abu Dhabi was routed BKK-BAH-AUH-BKK and it used an A300 not a 747 as this person mentions.

    "I am in my 70's and was flying to Thailand for a vacation. I had managed to get a good deal on Thai Airlines in economy. However, the inbound flight was delayed and we were all waiting in the departure lounge including the crew who were sitting next to me.
    We started to chat and later one of the male stewards leaned across and said about one of the stewardesses.
    "My friend, she likes you".
    "That's very nice", I replied,
    "but I like you" I said with a smile.
    He smiled back, and said
    "Oh, wat kind o ticket you got"
    I showed him my humble economy ticket and he said.
    "OK, when plane board you wait here"
    I waited and watched all the other passengers board the plane and as the last was about to board my new friend came over and said "Follow me"
    We went onto the plane and turned left as we boarded, all the way to First Class, where he motioned me to an empty seat and resumed his duties saying, "I come back later"
    After I had been feted with champagne, and the best food, my friend returned.
    "I show you upstairs" He said
    I followed to the deserted upstairs 1st Class lounge where we consummated our friendship in a very spectacular fashion which left me exhausted.
    I returned to my seat and eventually the plane stopped for refueling in Abu-Dabi where my friend bid me a very long goodbye as he told me a new crew would be joining the flight.
    After take off I dozed off and was then woken a while later by a new steward who said:
    "Ah, my frien' toll me all about you, do you wan to come upstairs"
    But the earlier fun and jet-lag had caught up with me and I had to decline as I was so tired."

    Story 2.

    Would a steward on duty be horny enough to risk this while his colleagues are all around? read on.

    "A friend used to be a pilot for a European airline which enabled him to get cheap economy flights to the US and he and his boyfriend were flying over to the New York for a vacation.
    He caught the eye of the steward and they registered a mutual interest in each other and later the movie went on and the lights went down. His friend fell asleep and he caught the eye of the steward again who motioned him to follow to the back of the plane. They entered the toilet and did what you can in an airplane toilet at 30,000 feet. After they had tidied themselves, the steward said; "you wait here and follow me out in a few minutes"

    My friend waited a while, and then left the toilet - only to find that the movie had ended, the lights were up and there was a long line of people waiting to use the toilet who were all watching him leave. To cap this at the head of the line was his boyfriend who was giving him a very poisonous look.

    Needless to say, they hardly spoke for the next 12 hours".

    Dont the stories sound dubious? people boasting.

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    So the horny gay steward had sex with the old man in his 70's? either the gay steward lost a bet, he had very bad taste, or he was extreamly desprit.


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      Where'd you get these from!?!?!?!
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        Hmmm. If I was the In-Charge and this was happening the bugger would be disciplined. The In-Charge is aware of who was supposed to be seated in Business or First Class and ordinary F/A's don't move pax forward from coollie coach without their permission. I don't think "I want to have sex with that person" qualifies.

        As for the toilet incident we hear that story all the time but in my 25 years at AC very few have been caught and none of them were employees. An employee engaging in sex in the bathroom while on the duty is looking at dismissal.

        Call them urban legends. Just like the rat looking like a cat or whatever that was.


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          To me, the incidents sound like situations from a blue movie which wants to pretend it's upmarket. It could be a bit of the old "ooh flying is so glamourous, and sexy"

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            I've always wanted to try Thai - maybe I'll give them a ride
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              Well here's one that is true:


              Scroll down and read "Put Your Pen*s in the Uright Position"

              Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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                Originally posted by AA 1818
                Well here's one that is true:


                Scroll down and read "Put Your Pen*s in the Uright Position"

                Whoever said that one related to anything gay?

                Regarding the stories, and the other thread about gay marriage/union, they have their rights, but the whole act of gay romance and sodomy absolutely creeps me out!
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                  Originally posted by AA 1818
                  Well here's one that is true:


                  Scroll down and read "Put Your Pen*s in the Uright Position"


                  I REALLY don't want to know why they needed paper towels. :P

                  BTW: I don't see how that's gay(unless like one did that to the other, which is sick).


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                    They should do it at the ground (hotel), not the plane. I don't think gay f/a would breach the rules.
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