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    Hey people post a picture of your watch! I have an omega speedmaster,, but i dont know how to put the picture on to the forum LOL!!!
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    here's one of my *achem* knock off watches that I got in shanghai...err..I mean, yeah. Its real

    Even if it only cost me 8$ all the timers watch and I've compared the 5-6B on the bezel to my real one and all the calculations work out


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        No batteries required


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          Re: Your watch

          Originally posted by fly1346
          I have an omega speedmaster,, but i dont know how to put the picture on to the forum LOL!!!

          Wow, you must be loaded The cheapest Omega Speedmaster goes for about $1500US. I don't know if I can spend that kind of dough on a watch.

          Here is one of my two watches:

          It's a Citizen Eco-Drive diver's watch. The Eco-Drive movement is sweet because it converts light energy into power to run the watch. As long as the battery is fully charged, the watch can run for 180 days without any exposure to light. My other watch is a Citizen Navihawk, which has similar functions as Emu's knockoff.
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            No batteries required either. I bet I'm the only one who uses a wind-up watch.


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              Neat watch! Its on my wrist right now and has been for @ 6months.

              Before that I had a Citizen Navihawk Blue Angel watch neat watch also


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                I don't wear a watch. I have two daughters and I am late for everything so I don't wear a watch so I won't be so pissed off for being late.


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                  breitling aviator, currently wearing a casio g shock.

                  currently sitting in zurich airport waiting a flight to HK, bored sh¦tless

                  next trips
                  USA/DXB August.


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                      I do not have a picture of my watch, but it is a Swiss Army watch that I bought in Manila.


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                        Fossil Speedway. I had a Fossil Blue before it which lasted me 3 years and will many more when I get the band fixed.
                        It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.


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                          I have a wind up one which i dont use

                          the one i use is US Army Rangers.
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