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Famous people you'd like to see in a passenger jet...

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  • Cheese
    I have seen Walesa (Polish President), he is not a famous person, but always something.

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  • JamesDC152
    I have flown the previous german President Horst Kohler (and his 5 protection officers) and F1 Champion Nico Rosberg

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  • LH-B744
    Clint Eastwood is btw also valid as an interruption. It is not a law that we have to continue with younger people, after Mr Selleck.

    But Eastwood is too easy, isnt it. Everybody knows that I admire him. 90 years now, so he was ... 48 when I was born? Eastwood is worth two interruptions, 2 x 45 years.

    So far for today.

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  • Famous people you'd like to see in a passenger jet...

    Have you ever met famous people on board a passenger jet? If yes, you should probably not say the name.

    I'm interested in people who you know from TV or from the movies, and who you somehow admire,
    and who you've never seen in a passenger jet.

    Here, I am the threadstarter, so I should have one woman or one man in mind. And yes, that's true.

    Tom Selleck. I don't know if he avoids commercial flights which we discuss here. But in my eyes, he is a good guy. He is a winter child, like me. And he knows the answer, always when I wonder if Higgins is a woman. No, definitely not, not in the Original. And I like the Original. Hawaii, 1980.

    PS: One minute ago, here on my screen happened a thing which you could not invent. My thought was, Simon & Simon is another Original which they show on German TV from time to time. San Diego, 1981. How many sentences in your mother tongue are allowed per week. This is the start of the topic, so probably I should translate. Original from de dot wikipedia dot org, translated by me:
    'After 156 episodes, that would almost have been the end for Simon & Simon in the year 1982. Only after Simon & Simon changed its place in the broadcasting schedule, it became a success. Since 1982 directly broadcasted, [and I don't invent that,] after Magnum P.I.' end of the quotation.

    So far about famous people..

    Stay tuned. Next tuesday I like to continue with Jean Reno, and I like to become younger and younger with my famous people. But you can interrupt me, why not with a woman.
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