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    Hi JetPhotos crew. Ive uploaded a photo just now (queue id: 8924217). I originally just want to put it to queue so i can have a check using the check the dust function, then delete that photo afterwards. However, the photo somehow managed to get screened immediately, without writing anything in the "hot photos" slot. The photo has been screened for more an hour now, but still "in screening". For now i found some flaws in the pic but theres no way i can delete it as its "already being screened", i can do nothing about it. May i know if its a bug and if i can have that photo in queue removed, thanks!

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    New registrations are placed in the hot photos queue automatically. So if you want to do this again in the future I suggest searching for the registration in the database to see if it's new or not. If it is, you could upload it as a completely different registration. (I've uploaded Cessnas as 737s before.) This would allow you to check the photo for any flaws before deleting it without the fear of it quickly entering screening. Just make sure to delete the photo from the queue when you're done. If it is deleted promptly it is not a problem, but if it makes it all the way to the top of the queue you're going to receive an embarrassing screening results email.


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      Thanks so much! I will be careful next time!