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Wrong "Date Taken" on a batch of uploaded files

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  • Wrong "Date Taken" on a batch of uploaded files

    Dear Admins

    I've just notice a strange situation where a set of 9 photos just accepted were associated to a wrong "date taken".. basically they say 21-08-03 and should be 21-09-04

    then... I verified that the next set of files in queue... all of then also refer to the wrong date (21-08-03)

    I've checked the EXIF information on the photos... and they all look ok.

    here's and example : Photo in queue
    and the original file uploaded

    In the meantime I notice that the Date (21-08-03) was the last date I've uploaded photos.. prior to this error situation .

    This is very strange indeed. I didn't reset the camera date, in fact the EXIF info is correct in any photo taken.

    Can you please have a look ? thx for your time and help

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_1222_ei_dve.jpg
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    Hello, can you provide the exif for the image you posted? It's currently not available according to the exif brower attachment I'm looking at. The exif info seems to have been removed or not posted. That would be a good start.


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      Great Thx. Here's then what I can see .
      Attached Files


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        Thx James. In the meantime here's some feedback. ( as you could see)... the next batch of 7 files was a complete mess: wrong date and wrong genre ?
        It looks like I've select Military to all photos ? nah..
        It looks all uploaded metadata was corrupted.... maybe a browser cache, a IOS upgrade in between..a bad Murphy day ?
        Damn, don't have a clue on the problem... have you ever seen a situation like this ?


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          OK, so I've done some resets/updates/reinstalls... it looks it's ok now. At least the date is now displayed correctly.
          I've then upload another bath of files, can you pls check one to see if everything is correct now ? this one for instance :
          thx for your time and help.