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    112 Killed in South Thailand Gunbattles

    1 hour, 54 minutes ago

    By ALISA TANG, Associated Press Writer

    PATTANI, Thailand - Police gunned down machete-wielding militants who stormed security outposts in Thailand's Muslim-dominated south Wednesday, killing at least 112 people in one of the bloodiest days in the Southeast Asian kingdom.

    The attackers were mostly teenagers some wearing red head bands and were intent on stealing weapons. They were poorly armed and apparently unaware that police had been tipped off in advance and were lying in wait for them.

    The eight hours of mayhem ended when police fired tear gas and rocket-propelled grenades into a mosque, killing 32 militants who, witnesses said, were sheltering inside after running away from an earlier battle.

    "Maybe the insurgents underestimated the preparedness of security forces. They used machetes to steal guns and when we fought back they suffered big losses," Yala Gov. Boonyasit Suwanarat said.

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    oops double post!


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      Way to go Thai police/military!
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        Oh yeah! Go Thai police/military!


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          I'd be worried about collateral damage using an RPG against criminals in a civilian environment, but it's nice to know they got the job done.