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My brand new camera!

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  • My brand new camera!

    I've just got a brand new Sony DSC-P72 digital camera! Here is 2 pictures of my 15 year old labrador dog (Ben) He had a stroke when he was younger so excuse his dopyness

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      Congrats on the new camera! Nice dog pictures, by the way!

      Next Flights:

      October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
      October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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        Sony Cameras rule!

        hey Wuz up buddy

        good for you you got a new camera .

        nice dog by the way

        I got my Sony DSC-P92 by December 2003 and I'm so happy with it . I decided to purchase it after seeking for a realiable, good quality camera optimus for spotting at the different meshes in the whole Costa Rica region, so, when I saw the picture of a NatureAir BN-2 Islander TI-AYU (I love that airline ! go NATURE AIR!!! hopefully will fly with them by July) right away I knew it was the right camera. just take a look to this excellent shot of my friend Rory who visited Costa Rica some time ago.

        here you go with the photo and the link too:

        That's real quality dude !!!

        Also my friend Andres Meneses from Costa Rica has Sony DSC-P72 and he spotts in Costa Rica (hopefully I'll go to spot with him too! and fly NatureAir!!!) and he has VERY GOOD shots too.

        Just check it out :

        SONY DSC-P Series ROCK!!!

        Good luck with your camera Steve!

        Cheers ,
        TI-AMG (Adolfo Morales Gamboa)
        KPNE / MRSI