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I meet Lee Servis, Producer of Airline

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  • I meet Lee Servis, Producer of Airline


    Well I just got home 30 mins ago from a trip to Cleveland and had to post this. On my way to Cleveland I transferred at BWI and guess what I see? A taping of Airline including with irate customer in all! I grabbed my camera and snapped off some pics. There not the greatest, didn't want to use my flash since they were taping. After they were done I went up to who Lee and complimented him on the show, we chatted for about 10 minutes. I told him about JetPhotos and the discussions we have every Monday night about the episodes. He gave me his business card and asked me to email the links of our discussions and the pics I took. Very nice guy, he'll be at BWI until July so if you pass through keep your eyes open. Wish I had more time to chat with him but I would have missed my connection. They did film my plane pulling into the gate Arizona One, so if you see an episode of Airline next season and you see Arizona One on a rainy day you’ll know I was standing right behind the taping.

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    That's so cool! You should have posed some kind of distraction!

    Maybe we'll see the Airline producer around here sometime soon!


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      It's good they were iN Pier C at BWI. All the other pier's are falling apart. Pier D hasn't really been working on since it was built by Allegheny.

      Nice to see BWI representin'.


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        Just for kicks I would interupt the shooting and say to the irate person shut up no one cares!!!!!!!!!

        Of course that would be rude and I would only do that if the guy was really badgering the gate agent.

        But back on course now thats cool. Maybe you could get on the show and really praise the airlines (not only SWA).....