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  • Image upload issues

    To upload an image to, the image must be 1920x1280. When I try to upload an image of the exact dimensions, it says the image is over the 1280px maximum width. If I try to reduce the width to a smaller size, instead it says the file is under the 250kb requirement.

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    To clarify, when you first start to upload, your image size must be in the range of 1024px-1280px, not 1920px as you state. You can only upload at larger sizes (ie 1280-1920px) after you request the larger upload size which is granted after you have some successful submissions.
    You then need to make sure your image is over the 250kb requirement by making sure you are taking your photos at the highest quality possible and editing/saving them at the highest quality possible in your editing software.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks, it worked.
      I didn't realise there was a quality slider in the photos app, so it was reducing quality to 80% + whatever i set the resolution to.