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Photo With Absurd Amount of Watermarks on The Database

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  • Photo With Absurd Amount of Watermarks on The Database

    Hello everyone,

    I'm making this forum post to show you a photo on the JetPhotos database that has so many watermarks on it that you can barely even see the aircraft in the photo. I get maybe having two because you misplaced the first one when uploading, but this amount of watermarks has to be a joke and it's hilarious that something like this can even be allowed on the photo database. I hope a screener or admin can see this post and take some action against this photo, like maybe removing the watermarks so it's just a clean photo, thanks!


    Another thing to add is the remarks, EXIF Data, and comments. It all has something to do with "RIO", which I have no idea what it means. This photo was taken in Baltimore MD, so this has nothing to do with the city of Rio in Brazil.

    Thanks again to anyone who looks at this!

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    This seems to be some kind of bug, I looked at other photos from this photographer and they don't even have a single watermark.


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      Photo is removed. Will contact the uploader.
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