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    Whats with everyone and these AP classes
    Not our fault we wan't to be smarter than the average bear...



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      Iv got 12 more school days then im done for the summer!!! and so far i DO NOT have to take finals.!!! :P Why ya'll end so late? Is it because you guys start after labor day?? we start school Augus 15th this year lol next year its like the 20th I think.
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        Originally posted by Leftseat86
        Working and school is weird. You'll think you have it all under control, you're doing okay...miss an assignment here and there but ok overall. Then all of a sudden, you lose some sleep, miss a class, get sick and you're f**ked beyond recognition. Once you fall just a little bit behind you're in a mess before you know it.
        Amen...I missed 5 straight days last year (at the end of the first grading period) & it killed me. All you have to do is miss one day at my school & you're way behind. Same with this year....missed 3 days in a week & was "left behind".

        Our school doesn't offer very many AP courses....US History, Chemistry & Physics (rotated from year to year) & Senior English are the only ones I know of & I'm going to take History next year because I'm good at it...that's it for AP for me, although I could do it in a lot of those classes.

        Our exams are the 28th of May & the 1st & 2nd of June. At our school, if you make the honor roll twice a semester, you're eligible to exempt 1 midterm/final (2 if you can rack up 2 4.0s per semester...I should've had one in the fall but got screwed) & my Chemistry teacher, despite me missing the "grade criteria" for exemptions (which he doesn't follow...if you're putting forth effort, he'll let you) is gonna let me exempt it....makes life a whole lot easier.

        18 Days to go...


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          Originally posted by screaming_emu
          Originally posted by mikecweb
          Back to the grind tomorrow. Staying the summer to do my Commercial. Hay Joe I'm sure you heard bout the flight team. UND sucks monkey balls....well actually we do
          yeah, we usually send the socially inept uber-nerds, so we usually do pretty good. Did you guys get 2nd or third? I assume this year is no different with the top three being UND, ERAU, and WMU. They just switch places every once and a while.
          Riddle Prescott got 2nd. Riddle Daytona (My Team) got 7th.
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