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    Originally posted by Greg
    Originally posted by chrisburns

    Good luck, since you cant hardly do anything on a Mac. Half the programs wont work on Macs. Few people use, those are real pieces of schiest.
    Whoah, Chris, you need to read up on macs.

    I've had mine for 2 years without a crash running OSX. And your statement about programs running on a Mac is just stupid. I have 3000+ post using Mac software and 774 pics in d/b that were edited using software running on a MAc.
    Chris..I will have to agree with Greg, You haven't used a Mac obviously...for most of the normal, office, college work Macs are no diff than PCs (you can get MSOffice, PS, CAD, etc). I worked with Mac (iMac, PowerPC, etc) for a couple of years while teaching Photoshop and CAD. The college were I worked had labs full of Macs, because they were dedicated to graphic arts, architecture and industrial design. I found them excellent platforms for teaching and working. As for compatibility issues....never had could insert a floppy formatted for PC and it will read it like nothing. Forget about dealing with DLL's, registry, uninstalling leftovers, etc, because if you don't like a program in Mac, just get rid of the folder. The programs you refer are probably games...which..for people that work are not really that important.

    Originally posted by Crazy764
    Originally posted by aquiros
    haha I never would have though that WinME was good for anything..but look what I found on

    Are Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Millennium Edition critically affected by any of the vulnerabilities that are addressed in this security bulletin?
    No. None of these vulnerabilities are critical in severity on Windows 98, on Windows 98 Second Edition, or on Windows Millennium Edition.
    ....still...Microsoft sucks. I need to get me a G5 with OS-X

    The reason Microsoft seems to have "so many problems" is because more people use it. They have by far the most widely used OS. When hackers and what-not want to influence and affect people, they develop programs/viruses to attack Windows PCs. If any of the competing OSs became more popular than Windows, you'd see them full of problems, too.
    I agree with Crazy764 on that , the more popular an OS is, the more prone to attacks it becomes, because yes...more people will get to know the flaws. ..but the flaws exist and IMHO if a company so big as Microsoft with so many gazzillion dollars, creates a program that can be attacked by an 18 year old...well I guess they are not doing their work on R/D or testing (because I'm positive that Bill gates can pay for hundreds of testers with a day, even a couple of hours, of earnings.

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