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Lightroom export with new Macbook

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  • Lightroom export with new Macbook

    I've just got a 16.2" macbook pro and first impressions have been brilliant. I'm back using Lightroom CC and when i use the normal 1280px export, it comes up as smaller picture on the screen than it did on my previous laptop, which was a smaller screen. This makes sense right? see uploaded image here:

    Image Screenshot-2024-05-18-at-11-29-19 hosted in ImgBB


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    I'm guessing your new MacBook has a higher screen resolution than your previous laptop. From what I found in a quick search, it looks like your new laptop's screen has a resolution of 3456x2234. The 1280-pixel image will look smaller if the new laptop's screen is higher resolution than your old one. It's only taking up 1280 of the 3456 pixels available. The physical size of the screen doesn't matter in terms of how much relative space an image takes up on the screen. It's the screen resolution that determines how much of the screen is taken up by a picture.