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  • Your take on PETA

    I have a report about animal rights for my English class and I've been doing some research about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I was just wondering what people thought about them and if you have given them support: monetary or verbally.


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    Doesn't it mean "People Eating Tons of Animals"? :P

    To me anyone that goes to a circus to protest, or harasses ppl over wearing fur..... really needs to deal, suck it up, get a life, or do everyone a favor and go live in the woods since they love their animals to much.



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      These people would be against the war in Iraq, not because we may kill innocent civilians, but because a bomb may kill one or more desert bettles...and by golly those bettles have rights too!

      So uhh, no I support them in no way whatsover. However, knowing that Pamela Anderson has supported them in the past, I am willing to change my position if it can guarantee a date with her.



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        You're take on PETA

        "I'm a grade 5 vegan, I don't eat anything that casts a shadow" (Simpsons of course ). Those PETA people have too much time. If they demonstrate against Japan or Norway killing whales for "science" (yeah, the science of "How much will people pay for whale meat"), or something that major, it's okay, but demonstarting against people burgers etc. is out of proportion. Humans have been eating meat ever since we were caveman, and most of the other animal species in the world also eat meat, so it is in the nature, its biological.



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          Those people are to narrow minded. They are even against having dogs and cats as pets...losers.
          It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.


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            They are retarted, they are going to go to KFC's and take "KFC" buckets full of blood to throw on cars, the funny thing is, the blood they will dump is probably blood of animals that they are trying to give rights to, look GOD gave us meat for a reason, enjoy it!


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              I'm a total carnivore Hey, God put animals on the earth for a reason, we may as well use them as he intended us to


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                Nah you got it wrong- PETA stands for:
                "People Eating Tasty Animals"

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                  I actually did a handout for my class that uncovered PETA on many fronts. I could post it if anyone rally wanted to see it.


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                    and so on...

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                      Although I do feel sorry for 'Puss' and 'Spot' laying on the side of the road, and I don't like to see animals get hurt...I in no way support them. They're just to extreme to think that animals are more important than people. Their ad campaigns are what really get me.

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                        what I think about PETA:


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                          Sam Rudge
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                            some of the most dangerous eco-terrorists out there.


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                              Originally posted by screaming_emu
                              what I think about PETA:

                              Ain't no thing, but some chicken wings!
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