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2 issues with computer. Can anyone help?

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  • 2 issues with computer. Can anyone help?

    I have a movie that's in .avi format it USED TO WORK FINE in real one player when i opened it. Now it goes "WARNING: Some of the streams in this movie are in an unsupported format". So i click on the "more info" button, and it basically says " download the latest DIVX codec. I can hear the movie sound but there is no picture. If it worked fine before why would i need to download new things? Do you think i have a virus?

    The other thing is does anyone know much about "task scheduler", i dunno what the hek it does and i want to get rid of it, i suspect it's causing some problems. Am i wrong? I don't think it's always been there. With the screenshot below its the symbol on the far left.

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      It probably has something to do with rights. If you don't want to download the update, try playing it in a different player... Chances are you don't have virus. Task Scheduler, whether it's on the toolbar or not, has always been there. It's not causing the problem. Hope this helps!
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        Task Scheduler

        The Task Scheduler is always there, and is used to schedule regular tasks such as defragmentation, system checks, backups etc. It runs each time you run Windows. It is not a virus.

        DivX Codec

        This is unfortunately a common problem with, often with strange causes. 99.9% of the time it is not caused by a virus. If it happens when you updated MediaPlayer then it surely wasn't caused by a virus. (Rather, you'll probably have to reinstall DirectX, see below).

        First off, use a gadget called GSpot on any movie to see what codecs are required to play it. (Before you're wondering why its called GSpot ... get your head outta the gutter!)

        Second, make sure you have all codecs (audio & video) specified.

        Finally, though it is possible that some other codec is (trying) to play the DivX content I suggest you reinstall DirectX 9.0b. That often turns up as a surprise underlaying reason for all the problems...

        Hope this helps,


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          cheers thats is a great help


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            Anytime. Let me know if you still have problems, though.