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Oh the joys of Wisdom teeth! :)

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    Mine came in perfectly too, but a couple of years ago they started shifting around and causing stress (ie: pain) on the other teeth...wound up having all of them yanked at once....thankfully I had them knock me out.
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      I hope that's not coming for me in the future...



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        I don't envy you at all! I can still remember when all four of mine came out. They tried to knock me out but my veins would collapse when they tried. Thank God for Percodan. I was popping one an hour each time I changed the gauze. A couple of them had to be broken apart to get out and I was having bone/tooth chips pushing through the gum for weeks afterward.

        Hope you feel better soon!


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          I've never had mine taken out....yet.

          Hope you are feeling better!

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            Originally posted by Fly_Southwest
            I've never had mine taken out

            Well yopu can only do it once! :P


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              I got those out my senior year of high school. I had this thing at the time about not getting knocked out. So I was awake during the whole thing. Only nitrous oxide. So I thought it was pretty funny. Like cracking walnuts thats all.
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                Get well soon buddy!!!

                Hopefully mpnday will turn out to be a better day.

                We'll be chillin in the 'burg!

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                  Thanks soo much for ya'lls words of incouragement and all. Sounds like some of you have had terrible times with your wisdom teeth.

                  For the record, I had all 4 taken out. My gums where they are all stitched up feel like a big gummie bear. The swelling is at a maximum right now (I like to think :P )

                  No Greg, I already told my dad the Camera was OFF LIMITS until i was recovered! So... Pete.. maybe you wont be able to bring your camera

                  Naw, Im lookin forward to you comin down! A little something for me to look forward to while I recover

                  Thanks Again friends!



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                    Just think, when your friends and people you dnot like have to egt theirs removed you have a lot of satisfaction telling them its nice and easy and rather fun to get them removed.
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                      Originally posted by DeltaASA16
                      No Greg, I already told my dad the Camera was OFF LIMITS until i was recovered! So... Pete.. maybe you wont be able to bring your camera
                      The have your mom take pics.

                      BTW, Adam you busy the week of June 21st? I might have to go shoot DHC-8's with you at LYH.


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                        Originally posted by Leftseat86
                        Something on my "Awesome things to never do" list...

                        Hopefully mine too.

                        I still have mine and hope I will keep them. Dentist work of any kind is not my cup of tea.

                        I had braces on for 3 years but they never talked about extracting them. Maybe it's because I don't have all of them yet(almost 16).