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  • Your Favorite Radio Station

    Do you like to listen to the radio? If yes, what is your favorite station and what do they play?

    For Me- 97.9 The Loop they play Rock Music.

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    Ahh...all the radio stations have changed here in the past few years. I'm not really sure what I like and what I don't like.


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      Radio. Hmmm. I mostly listen to CDR's that I throw together from my vast collection...
      BUT I mostly listen to a Green Bay station that plays lots of 80's stuff, or 105.7 out of Appleton that is rock/classic rock.
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        Radioaktiva 99.4 El Planeta Rock


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          As everyone plugs in radio stations nobody has ever heard of...


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            Radio Uno - FM 103.1

            Radio Continental - AM 590


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              I can't say I have a single favorite radio station, but have different radio stations I listen to, depending on my mood.

              If I am in the mood for classic rock, I listen to 105.9, "The River"

              If I am in the mood for something different in the way of alternative music, I listen to 101.9, "Kink102"

              If I am in the mood for some relaxing background music, I listen to 103.3, "K103"

              If I am in the mood for some lively radio entertainment, I listen to 105.1, "The Buzz". I am sometimes amazed at the topics that they have listeners call in on.
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                I mainly listen to sports talk in the car, and usually listen to CDs when it comes to music. I got really po'd at Clear Channel after they switched my favorite station from an all-80s music format to an FM talk station, so I don't listen to too many stations as they own about half of the stations in Atlanta. So here's the local stations I listen to (and their websites):

                790 The Zone (sports talk)

                99X (new rock & 90s alternative)

                Z93 (classic rock)


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                  ATL's 105.7, oldies, gotta love em


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                    Originally posted by N776AU
                    ATL's 105.7, oldies, gotta love em
                    No I don't.


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                      Sirius Stream 149 - OutQ
                      Sirius OutQ
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                        KFTK 97.1 FM Talk


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                          I listen to the music on my computer.

                          My car radio doesn't work.


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                            The best morning show I have ever heard is in Corpus Christi, TX..they also play rock........C101

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                              Here in DAB:
                              O'Rock 105.9
                              Froggie FM 99.9
                              Back home in Boca:
                              WIRK 107.9.
                              Try to catch me flyin dirty...