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After SARS?

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  • After SARS?

    When the HK are goin back to normal after SARS?

    I plan to go to Hong Kong on August.

    Do you think summer are no more SARS or still have SARS?

    If I'm going to Phuket, Thailand and I need to wear mask, because of the rule.

    Hong Kong is the worst visit during SARS!

    They have a new rules in airport about SARS Virus???

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    Well, as a Hong Kong resident this SARS deal is a real neusance. School has been cancelled and we get our work emailed to us. But I digress.

    Well, it is said that hopefully in three weeks SARS will be kept under control. That's a relief. It is most likely that SARS will be long gone by the time you come to Hong Kong in August. Hopefully Hong Kong will return to normal after SARS. There may be some precautions just to prevent any reoccurance of the virus but that would be it.

    Well, SARS hasn't really kept me indoors and no, I don't even wear a face mask when I go out. Honestly, one only has to be concerned when others nearby cough or sneeze. I am nor particularly worried when I go out. I've ridden on public transport and walked down a crowded street yet I have not contracted the illness. I simply take care that others don't cough or sneeze towards me and I wash my hands frequently.

    As for Phuket. Thai authorities said that anyone entering Thailand from a SARS-affected country must wear a face mask. Failure to do so would make them liable to arrest. If you're going to Phuket during the summertime, things should have returned to normal by then.

    As for the airport. I heard that everyone entering Hong Kong must fill out a health form. This info would include conditions, whether one has been to a SARS affected place, and whether one has a cold or a virus. If one does have a virus, then it's off to a 7-day quarantine. This new measure is said to be slower but safer.

    If there are any other points that need clarification, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Well, I hope that you do come to Hong Kong. It's a great place. I hope you enjoy Hong Kong and Phuket and wish you a safe trip!


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      Come to HK, but wait for another month or so, because all of a sudden now the cases of SARS are escalating, and there is no idea by when it will be totally controlled. Now that SARS has even been discovered in parts of Africa, it may just blow up into an epidemic, and may take quite a while to contain it. SARS is not fatal if you have good immunity, and if you are not suffering from any other disease at the time. Just be wary of people who sneeze or cough on you, wash your hands frquently, etc. etc... and you should be fine. Stay away from closed and crowded places. If you observe all these precautions, you should be fine.

      BTW - I don't wear a mask, because its of no use if the person who has SARS is not wearing a mask.
      "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

      -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'