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NBA playoffs...too long?

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  • NBA playoffs...too long?

    do you agree that the nba playoffs, along with every professional sports playoffs, last too long? 7 games is too many in my opinion too. make the entire nba playoffs best of 5 and don't put so many days in between games. i don't even care about the nba anymore. i lost interest several years ago when i realized it's all about the money. seems like the piston/lakers series has been going on for a couple weeks already.

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    Anything in the NBA is too long. It's just a bunch of people with too much money in their hands trying to show off. College basketball should last that long!


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      I love basketball but you are's too long. They should rather do something like "MARCH, APRIL, MAY MADNESS!!!!" for NCAA instead. I do like NBA when the Miami Heat are in, cuz I can go to the American Airlines Arena and watch them, drink a coule of beers per quarter, and yell and scream like's fun.
      But..yes..they are looooong.

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        well they're over now, DETROIT PISTONS world champs
        GO SIOUX


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          I second that PHF2ATL, Detroit really spanked LA tonight! Great game unless you're an LA fan!
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            Lakers lose! Hell yeah.
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              finally, a change in the basketball world, Lakers lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              and, yes, they are way too long. football playoffs are the best.


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                I agree that there are too many days in between the games. Every series should only have one day off in between the games.

                btw, congrats to the PISTONS
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                  GO PISTONS

                  I hate the Lakers.

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