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You think airport cops are bad?

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  • You think airport cops are bad?

    Lucky for me, I know the cops at our airport...(thanks to a busty co-worker! ) But let me tell you, in upstate N.Y. the cops dont play around with law-breakers..... Its gotten so bad, that I cant even ride my first toy I bought for myself only a year and a half to make up for the lack of wheels.. I bought a road bike this spring, and have gone almost 3,000 miles on it so far.... no problems with the boys in blue.... So to make my point, (and thanks for commin' out!) My 1999 Kx 250 is for sale, or trade for a 100-400L glass..or 2200 in cash... (Id be taking about a 1000 loss on the lens...) If you know anyone who would want to buy it.... my e-mail adress is [email protected]