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Canadian election outcome scenarios

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  • Canadian election outcome scenarios

    1) Liberal majority government:

    Don't bet on it.

    2) Liberal minority government:

    Probably they'd hook up with the NDP to form the coalition. Wouldn't last long, though, especially if Jack Layton is elected as MP. Elections would be called in less than a year rather than risk a no-confidence vote along the road, and they'd be defeated anyway. Paul Martin would resign as Liberal leader and as MP, leaving his seat open for a by-election. If the combined Lib/NDP seats ain't enough, the Governor General will appoint Stephen Harper as PM (no way the Libs will turn to the Bloc for a coalition), giving us the following.

    3) Conservative minority government:

    This one would be trickier. Unlike the Libs, Harper wouldn't mind asking his buddy Gilles Duceppe to join a Tory/Bloc coalition. This coalition would be even more fragile than a Lib/NDP, but would be more guarded, as the Bloc would have the balance of power in Ottawa. This government could well last the full 5 years, but whether the Conservatives could win a majority government, or even a government at all depends on the political climate by the time of the next election, especially the performance of such government and the Tory/Bloc state of affairs.

    4) Conservative majority government:

    This would bring Canada upside down. If somehow the Tories and Stephen Harper manage to win a majority in Parliament, this election could be even more shocking than the 1993 one. A Liberal collapse would surely follow, both at the federal level and at the Ontario provincial leven (thanks, Dalton McGuinty!). Should a Conservative majority be the product of a BQ sweep in Quebec, it'd prove to be a pyrrhic victory, even its swan song, because in the next election cycle, the BQ would be destroyed (let's face it: Quebecker dislike Tories more than they do Liberals). Whether Harper wins again next time will be based on his performance.

    5) NDP government.

    Don't make me laugh!!!

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    6) Marijuana Party Government
    Will F.
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        I think I'm gonna support the Commies this time... haha

        Honestly, I wish we had another alternative. None of the current leaders seem to fully represent my views.
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          Shame the election has taken a more "US-style" approach, with all the canadidates (get it?) slagging each other off instead of focusing on their strong points.

          I guess the Liberals would rather divert attention away from themselves, and as for the NDPs..well...just give everything to everyone so we can all remain happy (until the $$$ runs out and the next govt come into power)


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            I agree 100% Legend...

            Instead of speaking about the issues, the leadership candidates are too busy slandering each other to be bothered.
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