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solo cross country flight in Piper Cherokee includes images

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  • solo cross country flight in Piper Cherokee includes images


    taken just before i jumped in and got myself seated and organised, about 8:45am

    I took this after lining up on grass 02, and waiting for takeoff clearance. There was a short delay because of wake turbulence from a departing 737 on the parallel sealed runway. Those white marker boards on either side is the runways width, and the white ones at the end is it's length (500 metres or so)

    Lake Ellesmere off the wing tip. Currently 1500 feet tracking southwest

    Rakia river above the right wing as well as the Canterbury plains, still tracking SW following the coastline, making my way up to 4500 feet, just as the sun finally comes out

    On the ground at Timaru, after visiting the mens room at Timaru's aero club. After having something to eat and drink i fuelled the beast back up, at that green pump in the photo, then i was back on my way.

    Passing over Timaru township, as you can see on the map it's some distance south of the airfield. Tracking SSW to Waimate airfield 2500 feet

    I had some difficulty locating Waimate airfield, it's only a paddock with a windsock, so instead of circling whilst wasting my money finding it, and because there was no dire reason for me landing there, my tanks were full, i was fine, weather was good, aircraft was running nicely, so decided to just track NE back to Christchurch.

    seen here climbing up to 8500 feet

    Almost at 1500 feet after a long decent, tracking to the rakia river mouth, with Lake elesmere at 12 o clock

    Rakia river running parallel to my left wingtip. This was my last photo because; i wasn't to far off controlled airspace, I had to get the ATIS, and i had to get myself and "delta uniform papa" organised for landing.

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    Nice shots man!

    Another place I want to go.


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      thanks, it was a good flight, i had fun


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        Nice pics.

        We really should meet up some time.
        Sam Rudge
        A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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          Nice Pictures!

          Next Flights:

          October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
          October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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            Hey congrats on the solo x/c (if it is indeed your first one). I actually felt that my solo x/c was more of an accomplishment than my first solo. Solo cross countries are a lot of fun. nice pictures too.


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              Nice pics, nice ride. I guess your Cherokee only flies within New Zealand as only the 3 finals are actually painted on the aircraft. Thanks again.
              Thanks for visiting
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                the aviation academy owns the plane, my parents arn't that rich. Its only registered to fly in NZ. Those 3 letters are it's call sign, don't u guys in the states have something like p1243 or something? like lots of numbers?