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New lens is good so far!!!

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  • New lens is good so far!!!

    I got my lens, just the 75-300 USM III..... Im hoping to learn how to use this one, and just by taking a few pics I could tell that this lens was better than the Tamron I had.... I took this when I had a chance to take a shot.... and it came out rather well for just "pointing" it at the plane.... now I just gotta figure out how to use my camera and Ill have a few shots accepted on here!!! -JJR

    P.S. thanks to everyone who helped me when I tried to figure out what I wanted.... and thanks for clearing up the stupid questions im always throwing out!!!!

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    Thats a good shot! Some tips are... i don't have this lens but some general tips i would follow are make sure the aperture is at f/8 or higher and if you have any focus troubles try the center focus point...

    Good luck!


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      This is my primary lens for plane photography...I usually shoot in aperture priority set to 5.6 (wide open). If the day is really sunny, I drop it down some to F8 if I can, otherwise somewhere in between. Just keep the shutter speed above 400 and it works great....and you can go lower if you want a blurred background panning with the plane.
      Just play around with it and have fun, feel free to PM me if you want more info on it.
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