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    Well in a couple of weeks I am off to vegas and I wanted to make a post and ask whats your favorite thing about Las Vegas? Whats your favorite resort/casino? Your favorite place to hang out?

    For me, my favorite hotel is the MGM Grand, and my favortie place is the In and Out Burger right off the strip where you can watch planes

    What about you guys?
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    I went a few months ago and stayed at the Treasure Island. It was pretty nice. That was the only time I've been so I haven't stayed at any of the others. Are you staying at the Grand? (I'm assuming so since it's your favorite, lol)

    As for the hotels, The Mirage, The Venetian, and Caesar's Palace are all favorites of mine.

    Have fun!

    (Wish I would have known about that burger place when I was there )
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      Dont forget Gemini Jets has a good store there


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        Originally posted by chrisburns
        Dont forget Gemini Jets has a good store there
        Watch out for the guy that runs the Gemini store.............heard he was a real jerk! :P


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          iv heard he has a big attraction for man to! :P
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            Last time I stayed there was in 1997
            I stayed then at the small Aztec flats condo across the street from the Stratosphere
            I liked the buffets at retaurants especially those at the Sahara, practical a stone throw ideal for getting the breakfast at short notice. I shared my dinners between the Excalibur, Circus Circus
            Visiting the casinos and resorts then in business was interesting but none comes in my mind as a clear cut favourite.
            Was surprised by lots of improvements from CATS, the Mass transit bus system. Compared with nine years earlier, lots of more frequencies, more routes ...
            Liked a visit by night of Stratosphere top deck. Picturing and seeing the Strip unfolding below was terrific.
            Liked walking around from one resort to another, another way to see there is much more to see in addition to casinos.
            Loved this day long excursion to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, mighty and intimedating. Worth the 35 bucks I parted with to buy this tour.
            For sure, sooner or later, I will return as this is one of the places in the US where I would live.
            Thanks for visiting
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              I am staying at the Ballys Resort. Right next to Paris. Yeah I gotta go to the Gemini Jets store too.
              This is FrontierFlyer (had to change my name)

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                I went to Vegas back in April for the first time and had a ball. I tended to stick around the northern end of the Strip, as I was staying @ The Riveria, and even though I rented a car, the traffic on the Strip sucks after about 3 p.m., so I drove down to the other casinos during the daytime, but typically would go out for a few hours, go back to my room for a few hours, repeat until I'd go to bed by around midnight. The north end of the Strip will be interesting once the Wynn Las Vegas opens next Spring.

                Here's my personal feelings on the Casinos I went to:

                Riveria: Not too bad of a casino, decent limits on most of the tables, too many slots though, and too many full tables, they could have had a few more Blackjack tables open (I could never get a seat at one, so I ended up playing it elsewhere). I had a decent couple of runs on the Craps table here, probably netted around $200 or so on about $60 worth of intial betting. They ended up getting most of that back though, through the slot machines and dining. By the end of my trip I did pretty good slot-wise, won $250 in a tournament ($10 buy-in), and the morning I left, I won $70 in a slot machine. The buffet here is overpriced and not all that good, the coffee shop is pretty good, but a little bit expensive. The Mardi Gras Food Court sucked, if I wanted a mall food court choice, I would have stayed @ home.

                Slots-A-Fun: Low roller central. Offers some cheap gaming during the day (like $1 Blackjack and Craps, which makes it impossible to get a seat), but raises the minimums late in the afternoon. I probably lost $25-30 here before hitting a $50 win on the giant 4 reel $1 machine they have out front.

                Westward Ho: Another low-roller haven. I came out about even here, great cheap drink specials here, and I only played slots here. Plus they have the infamous 3/4 lb hot dog here, I'd advise against it, go the to McDonald's next door...

                Stardust: This place became my second home while I was in Vegas. I played most of my hands of Blackjack here, and won about $300 there. I might stay there next year when I go.

                Circus Circus: The whole time I kept thinking about the scenes inside the Bazooka Casino in Fear In Loathing in Las Vegas. I won about $75 here. The place in a little surreal to say the least. Adventuredome was a nice diversion, Canyon Blaster is a nice coaster. The buffet here is a good bargain.

                Stratosphere. I lost about $20 here on the slots. I went here just to go up in the tower and ride Big Shot. Nice views from the tower, I wish I would have taken my camera with me.

                Sahara: Not much to report here, I threw $10 in a nickel machine, and that was all the gaming I did there. Speed the Ride was a fun roller coaster, but not worth $10.

                Venetian: Nice looking place, but I got dropped quickly there. I lost $90 at the Craps table in about 5 minutes.

                Caesars Palace: I didn't do any gambling here, I was checking the place out. The layout here is so damn confusing. The Cyprus Street Marketplace was you typical mall food court fare with a twist: they give you this card onto which your purchases are put on, and you pay after you eat.

                Mandalay Bay: I really like MB, except when they decided to raise the minimums on the Craps table. Went over to the nearest Blackjack table and left the casino with $120 on a $50 investment.

                Luxor: I didn't gamble here, but the atrium took my breath away.

                NYNY: I went here just to ride the Manhattan Express, I did pretty good on a Sinatra-themed slot machine, and enjoyed a nice lunch @ Nine Fine Irishmen.

                Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: 1 word: Overrated!

                Hilton Las Vegas: Went primarily to the Star Trek Experience, I did throw $10 into a machine.

                I did go by the Airplane Shop and dropped $100 on some a/c. I had to get out of there before I emptied my bank account out...........


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                  Last time I was in Vegas was last Sep., for business... they put me up in the Fairfield Marriott by the airport.

                  As far as my favorite (and lucky!) casino, that would have to be the Luxor. That place is so awesome, escpecially looking down at the casino/stores from the top level of the pyramid.

                  Another one of my favorites is the Excalibur... don't ask me why, I just really like it there!

                  However, much to the dismay of my coworkers, I not only didn't like the Bellagio, I wouldn't even go in after my first time there... long story.


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                    I would have gone to the Bellagio had it not been that week I went to Vegas was when they had the blackout there for 4 days (It was kinda weird seeing that dark spot in the middle of the Strip).


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                      For me, my favorite hotel is the MGM Grand, and my favortie place is the In and Out Burger right off the strip where you can watch planes
                      why do you have to mention In and Out Burger!!!! being from Vegas, I have missed that place SO much. I wish they would get some in Houston..
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