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4th of July weather

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  • 4th of July weather

    Well I'm sitting inside here in good ole southern Virginia where it has been pouring all day long. I'm guessing most of the fireworks are going to be cancelled tonight. So....hows the weather for your 4th of July?

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    Fireworks were last night... tday is nice too. Haven't done anything anyways just watched the Yankees game then went to sleep for a while.


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      Warm and sunny.


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        Well, earlier today while I was at work, a bad storm came through MEM from Arkansas. Someone said that it was part of a storm cell that included a tornado. Then it cooled off really nicely. But now, its bright and sunny and in the high 80s with a heat index that was suppose to reach up into the 100s! Oh what a day!


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          They predicted rain, but it has been a beautiful, humid (a little cloudy at times) day!


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            Weather sucked pretty much the whole day on the 4th. On the morning of the 4th, I was driving down to DC, and from nowhere, while I was at about 80mph on I-95 this torrent of rain starts and reduces the visibility like hell. Every car slowed down to about 35mph.

            Luckily during the party I was at it wasn't raining all the time, and even when it was, not too heavily.

            However, when was driving back in the evening, almost the whole way (194mi) here was extremely heavy rin and very very poor visibility. It was even raining a bit at night, but they still had the fireworks in Manhattan.
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